photographyPhotography is the science, workmanship and routine of making strong pictures by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by method for a picture sensor, or synthetically by method for a light-touchy material, for example, photographic film.

Ordinarily, a lens is utilized to center the light reflected or transmitted from articles into a genuine picture on the light-touchy surface inside a camera amid a timed presentation. With an electronic picture sensor, this creates an electrical charge at every pixel, which is electronically prepared and put away in an advanced picture record for consequent show or handling. The outcome with photographic emulsion is an imperceptible inert picture, which is later synthetically "created" into an obvious picture, either negative or positive relying upon the motivation behind the photographic material and the technique for preparing. A negative picture on film is customarily used to photographically make a positive picture on a paper base, known as a print, either by utilizing an enlarger or by contact printing.

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